Philippines Pledges Reductions

The Philippines is now pushing hard at the climate summit in Lima, Peru, for all nations, developing ones included, to reduce fossil fuel use. It had previously pushed for the industrialized world to cut its carbon emissions. Tony La Viña, a Philippine climate representative at Lima, commented, “The thinking of the pivot is — we’re going to take on commitments and do our part.” Referring to recent typhoons, he added, “The call has always been for developed countries to act. But the thinking is simple. If we’re going to get hit every year again and again, how can we call on developed countries to reduce their emissions, but not reduce our own?”

Philippines delegates said they were leaving an informal group called the “Like-Minded Group,” that for 2 years has been negotiating jointly on climate treaties and includes petro-states like Venezuela, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, seen as stalling a global agreement to reduce oil use. Instead the chairmanship of a different negotiating group, the “Most Vulnerable Countries, has been assumed by the Philippines. [From a report by Coral Davenport, Philippines Pushes Developing Countries to Cut Their Emissions,” New York Times, 8 Dec. 2014,]

The Philippines is also taking the moral high ground. If it and other developing nations cut their own use, industrialized nations will be encouraged to make further cuts.


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