The Earth Leadership Cohort & the Work That Reconnects

I was very pleased to receive the following announcement from the Earth Leadership Cohort:

The Work That Reconnects is known worldwide for empowering activists in social and ecological justice. Developed by Joanna Macy and her colleagues, this dynamic, interactive body of work has inspired many thousands of people to engage wholeheartedly in a transition, a Great Turning as Joanna calls it, to a life-sustaining society. Described in the book, Coming Ba ck to Life, it brings a new way of seeing the world, as our larger living body, freeing us from the assumptions and attitudes that now threaten all life on Earth.

The Earth Leadership Cohort program (ELC) is designed to introduce young adults to the theory and practice of the Work That Reconnects (WTR) through an experiential immersion and then to offer opportunities to practice facilitating the work in the context of a supportive learning community. The first Earth Leadership Cohort of young adults convened in 2014, and a second and third cohort followed in 2015, and 2016. We are delighted to now be gathering a fourth Earth Leadership Cohort for the spring of 2017.

The first meeting of the cohort will include a five-day workshop June 2-7 at Hallelujah Farm in Chesterfield, NH with a larger group of activists, educators, and artists. This intergenerational community of participants will be guided through the spiral of the Work That Reconnects, opening to the planetary realities of great suffering and rapid destruction as well as to the magnificence of the web of life. The work is personal as well as interactive, inviting fresh insight into our role in the Great Turning and new possibilities for collaboration.

The second meeting is a retreat June 22 – 25 just for the Cohort at Starseed Healing Sanctuary in Savoy, MA. There, the group has the opportunity to reflect on the rich experiences of the previous workshop, to facilitate the WTR group practices, and to begin to integrate new perspectives into their personal and professional dreams. The retreat is also a time for gathering resources, ideas, and support for “going forth” into the world as change agents, healers, compassionate listeners, and empowered citizens. As a community, the members decide how they would like to keep in touch and support one another in realizing their short-term goals and long-term visions. Alumni from the first three cohorts have organized several reunions and co-facilitated a number of Work That Reconnects workshops for the public. They have also formed an “Earth Leadership Community” and welcome future ELC alumni to join.

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