When Rosalie Anders and I headed out to the Boston March for Science on 22 April (photos above), I expected a small turnout partly because of rainy weather.  Although the subway was crowded, when we got to the gazebo on Boston Common, there was only a few hundred people watching a funny science presentation for kids.  Rosalie thought the main action must be elsewhere on the common, which turned out to be the case.  The walking became very slow as we approached the area where the speakers were, and there were so many people it was hard to hear the speakers well. (BU Today estimated the crowd at 70,000.)

Kristin LaFretta wrote of the speeches, “Gina McCarthy, environmental expert and previous administrator to President Barack Obama, warned what potential budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency would mean. ‘If left unchecked these efforts…could roll back progress on our air and water quality that could weaken health protections for millions of Americans’… Other speakers at the event included Harvard and MIT professor George Church, Biomedical Engineer Chiderah Okoye, neurology researcher Dr. Altaf Saadi and many others. The speakers focused on different issues and goals related to the future of science, including access to the field, diversity and a lack of scientists in office.” #BostonMarchforScience


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